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   Mass Jesus Momentum #MJM

 Mass Jesus Momentum #MJM 
Mass Jesus Momentum #MJM

It is time to make Jesus famous! We have to work strategically and diligently to tell people about Jesus. In mass numbers, we have to share the gospel! We have to start the "ball rolling" and keep it rolling. Click here...

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This  poetry book is designed to point the reader to God through words that invoke visual images and sounds, hence the title, Aesthetically (visual) Audibly (sounds) Me (God)!

$14 https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#8MS2FLDTPXTCXARZ



$19   https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#9XK6ZSSKAFMDF7E7

Willow Fields Elementary is all abuzz with excitement and laughter as Ms. P's students venture through their day of learning and fun! Each character, unique, and diverse but challenged by their differences, battle bullies, and even helps their teacher to realize that the world is made of a mixture of many things that make a beautiful bountiful bowl of goodness when embraced by all, Sweet Jambalaya! 

This story champions the causes of Puey  Skunk, Tybe Caterpillar, Katey Lady Bug, and Sammy Squirrel, all varied in their ethnicity, and physical appearances ; typical targets for bullies. They learn through acceptance and affirmation how to overcome the bullies without and within! Click on the book to purchase your copy/copies today!


















$12 (paperback)  https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#7NZZ3E6QGJQ9MUAS

$16.50 (hardback)

Once upon a time, there was a little cloud named “Nebulous.” His family and friends called him “Nebby.” He was a happy, friendly little cloud! He had lots of friends! They’d always laugh and play. They'd laugh so hard that it would cause droplets of rain to fall from their little cloud bodies. This was true for every cloud except Nebby! He didn’t rain. He couldn’t rain. He didn’t understand why he was so different!He decided that he had to find out why he couldn't rain like his other cloud friends. Do you want to know what he discovers? Of course you do! Order your copy today! 



Have you ever asked yourself these questions: ""Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I made the way that I am? What makes me ""tick'? What am I made for?"" You are a designer original made with certain specifics by God himself and those specifics speak! They speak of purpose and intention and so much more! God, the original designer, made you that way and His designs speak. Through this poetry and spoken word pieces, take a journey, through the eye of God and His original design; the church! Let it speak to your heart and your purpose and prepare to hear,

"When Design Speaks"!






$19.99 (paperback) https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#SJE48Y32VMT9BHE8

$26.50 (hardback) https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#KPFXJRGBARN7LZ4U


In these uncertain days of a worldwide viral pandemic, frequently, people are asking themselves how to safely navigate such murky waters. It can be a daunting task to go through life from day to day in total isolation and quarantine or avoiding close contact with other people as you pass them along your way. Humans are social beings who need and deserve the personal touch of others in order to thrive and to survive.
H.O.W. is a book that helps us to figure out the road down which to travel so we can discover survival techniques and to look to God who is our only source of strength.
The author, Tralyne Usry, has had experiences that show us how to focus on God and not on our circumstances. In this book, you will learn ways to tap into your personal village of support in order to retain and maintain your sanity and well-being.
Tralyne is a survivor who has overcome some very dark and trying days! She has suffered through low spots of losing and, ultimately, emerged to higher positions of winning!
If you find yourself in a dark place or a seemingly hopeless predicament, through her personal ordeal and then triumph, she can show you H.O.W.!

By Janice M. Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief




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